Privacy is a fundamental human right.

That’s why we built Invizi – an encrypted, free & open source cryptocurrency tracker.

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Why Invizi ?

Open Source and Free

Our code is 100% open source and transparent for anyone to audit. Invizi is a public good, hence is always free to use.

Your data is always private

Your financial data is encrypted and stored only on your device. Your data is for you and no one else.

Made for you, not advertisers

Invizi has no ads & no user tracking. You are our esteemed user, not our product.

Power your productivity without compromising your privacy.

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You will love our features

  • Autosync
  • Encrypted Journal
  • Personal Coin Rating
  • Real time tracking
  • Smart Calculator
  • Profit & Loss
  • Custom Index
  • Ad Free Coin List

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Stop paying for software with your data

Many companies use data exploitation as their business model. It doesn't have to be that way. We envision a world where our data is our own.

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Don’t let your financial information fall into wrong hands.

Cryptocurrency trackers that store your data can be compromised in many ways. They can be hacked, can willingly sell your data to third parties, can indirectly transfer ownership of data through acquisition or can be coerced to reveal information about their customers.

With Invizi all your data is local, encrypted and never leaves your computer.

Take back your privacy